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Richard J. Thomas
Special to the Star


It's September 1923 and Detective D.B. Murphy has inherited Owen Sound's biggest bootlegging operation. Someone is stealing the proceeds, and D.B.'s efforts to discover the identity of the crook sets him on his biggest case ever! Bank robbery, hijacking and murder are the order of the day when D.B. runs afoul of criminals from Owen Sound and Southampton to the ultimate playground of the well-to-do, Mackinac Island. 

Richard J. Thomas
The Devil's Chautauqua


It's August of 1925 and Owen Sound is locked in the grip of a relentless heatwave. The arrival of the Chautauqua-the annual travelling extravaganza of music, lectures, dance and even a psychic-is imminent. Detective D.B. Murphy receives a pre-dawn telephone call from his friend High Constable "Oddball" Scott, who is at the scene of a ritualistic killing in a downtown alley. With nothing better to do, D.B. takes the case, but soon finds his hands full as the Chautauqua's mysterious Count Luke Von Blankstein and his hulking henchman Adair, as well as a local ring of shoplifters, put Owen Sound's number one detective through his paces. 

Richard J. Thomas
King's Seven


It's September 8, 1926 and both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition are in Owen Sound campaigning for the upcoming federal election. As Mackenzie King and Arthur Meighan prepare to woo the voters with their speeches, local Detective D.B. Murphy finds himself in the worst predicament yet. He's being framed and the body count is increasing. What to do? In this thrilling, fast-paced adventure, Owen Sound is revealed to be a hotbed of political and criminal activity, not the backwater the visitors expect. 

Richard J. Thomas
Horseshoe to Gumshoe


This omnibus includes the original D.B. Murphy short story, "From Horseshoe to Gumshoe", as well as the first two (out of print) novels: Gas Head Willy and The Lost Tire Gang,  plus the third installment in the D.B. Murphy detective series,  the Thimblerig. 

Trail of the Griffon


It's October 1927, and Owen Sound Lawyer H.G. "Harry" Tucker is on the brink of an internationally significant discovery: the wreck of the long missing Griffon, the first ship built on the Great Lakes, which disappeared on its maiden voyage in 1679. The only problem is, someone is trying to kill Tucker. 

Private Detective DB Murphy is charged with keeping the lawyer alive, but he quickly realizes it may not be easy. As he follows Tucker and his team to the farthest reaches of Manitoulin Island in search of the Griffon, the intrepid detective learns that nothing is as it seems with the members of the expedition. 


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