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Richard J. Thomas is a professional writer and videographer. Most of the novels in his D.B. Murphy series have been written in support of Adult Literacy, during Owen Sound's Novel Marathon for literacy. Though the marathon has long since ended, the stories live on. In each novel, character positions are sold to local residents, and the money goes to the Adult Learning Centre of the Owen Sound and North Grey Union Public Library. 

Richard J. Thomas


Gas Head Willy is missing, and D.B. Murphy has been hired to find him. It seems like an easy job at the start. But as Murphy learns more about the missing veteran's secret life, he is plunged into a prohibition-era underworld of booze cans and swamp whiskey. Inevitably, the investigation leads him to Balaclava and a confrontation with two of the most vicious bootleggers in Grey County!

Richard J. Thomas
The Lost Tire Gang


Private Detective D.B. Murphy has been hired to infiltrate the notorious Lost Tire Gang. The trail takes him north to Wiarton where jailbreaks, kidnappings and gun fights all lead to an elusive one-armed man. Join D.B., Scotty the horse and a familiar cast of oddball characters that'll leave you asking "who is Joe Hunt anyway?"

Richard J. Thomas
The Thimblerig


Detective D. B. Murphy has his work cut out for him when Everett Hall turns up dead. Not only did the con man steal from the City of Owen Sound and many of its wealthier residents, he left a trail of broken hearts in his wake. Was he killed for love or money? When D.B. starts to ask, hot lead is the answer in The Thimblerig.

Four Deuces North


It's Dominion Day 1923 and serious trouble is following the dance band hired to play at the Balmy Beach Dance Pavilion. In Owen Sound, there's only one solution for that kind of trouble: Detective D.B. Murphy. Drawn into the case when he does a favour for his bootlegger pal Razor Eddie, D.B. soon becomes embroiled in murder and revenge. Four Deuces North is his biggest case yet, and it brings D.B. face to face with one of the most notorious criminals of the 20th century. 

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